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Individual Insurance Products - Specialty Products

Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers has a variety of insurance products available to individuals. Below are just a few of the other types of insurance policies we offer. If you are looking for a specialty product not listed here, please contact us.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer has devastating effects on families and individuals. With the occurrence of the disease on the rise, Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers has developed relationships with cancer insurance providers. Cancer insurance is a supplement to your existing health care insurance and provides additional peace of mind.

Student Select Insurance

Student select insurance provides college students with medical coverage. These policies are generally designed for students who are no longer covered by their parents medical insurance, but any student may apply.

Accident Insurance

Little League, weekend sports, chores and fix-up projects around the house. These activities are a part of normal, everyday life. Unfortunately, accidents are also a part of everyday life. And often, we don't think about the accidental injuries, or even the accidental deaths, which may happen during the course of a day. Accident Insurance provides coverage for specific injuries and losses you may suffer in a covered accident including burns, dislocations and fractures.

International Medical Insurance

Not all insurance policies cover you when you travel or live abroad. This insurance is perfect for students studying abroad, individuals and families going on vacation or for foreign nationals visiting the United States.

Vision Insurance

Vision is critical to just about everything we do. It is also something we take for granted. Thats why vision insurance is so important. According to the Vision Council of America, more than 135 million Americans wear prescription eyewear, and more than 2.2 million are affected by glaucoma. Let us help you with an individual or group vision plan. Contact us now for a quote on vision insurance.

Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers can provide a wealth of information on all specialty insurance products. Please contact us today for a free quote.