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Group Insurance Products - Medical

Many options are available for group medical coverage. Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers consults with you to design the group medical benefits you want for your employees at an affordable price for your company. We specialize in maximizing protection while minimizing cost.

HMO: Health Maintenance Organization

A private practice health maintenance organization offers lower out-of-pocket costs with access to a large network of physicians and hospitals. Members select a primary care physician to coordinate their health care needs. All benefits must be obtained in-network.

POS: Point of Service

A point-of-service plan offers in-network and out-of-network levels of coverage plus a no balance-billing arrangement with providers. In-network medical care is provided by a large network of private practice physicians and hospitals. Out-of-network benefits provide access to member-selected providers or hospitals. Members select a primary care physician to coordinate their health care needs. Point-of-service plans combine the security and advantages of an HMO, with the flexibility of traditional indemnity medical coverage.


Traditionally, a primary care physician (PCP) provides a member's health care and works with the member if a specialists care is required. Open access HMO and POS plans do not require members to select a PCP at enrollment.

PPO: Preferred Provider Organization

A preferred provider organization offers an extensive network of physicians and hospitals providing care at negotiated rates. It also provides coverage for out-of-network services. Plus, special out-of-network programs provide hospital discounts and a no balance-billing arrangement with participating hospitals. PPOs offer employers the potential for lower monthly health benefit costs, and employees lower out-of-pocket costs through an extensive network of hospitals and physicians. PPO members also retain the freedom to use a non-network physician at a reduced level of benefits.


Unlike HMO, POS and PPO health insurance plans, most indemnity policies allow you to choose any doctor and hospital that you wish when seeking health care services. Indemnity health insurance plans offer more flexibility in services, but sometimes that comes with increased costs.

Heart of Georgia Insurance Brokers is available to customize a plan that is a perfect fit for your organization. Please contact us today for more information on group health insurance.